We are proud to announce the inaugural recipient of the Geri Stewart Memorial Scholarship:  Xavier de Borja Hall Narvacan

X graduated from Clements High School and will be attending School of the Art Institute of Chicago and studying Fashion Design.

I view volunteering and service work as a peaceful solution to the chaotic world that surrounds us. Everyday there is something new that takes place and we’re left to rethink our approaches or change lifestyles . 

Even though there may be a lot of pain and suffering, kindness and warmth go a long way for those who haven’t experienced as much of it in life.

Doing for others is greatest expression of being a human, you get the chance to see other worldly perspectives, its a gift in it of itself.

Experiencing misfortunes and in turn causing anguishing pain is the exact reason to be kind to others. Knowing that feeling and seeing it in the outside world – kindness and offering my service is the least i could do. 

Xavier de Borja Hall Narvacan

Thank you to everyone who donated to the fund. We are so excited to support Xavier in his future in education and service. 

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