We’re launching our pilot program to give $20 credit to the Book Fair for each student that qualifies for Free or Reduced Lunch Program!


Let’s support those students who want to go alongside their classmates to the bookstore and pick out a book of their very own to take home and keep! Books in the home is the leading indicator for academic success.


We are launching this program the students at Four Points Middle School where 1 in 4 is Economically Disadvantaged. That’s 152 kids. We don’t want anyone to be left out at the Book Fair!


$20 sponsors one student.
The Book Fair vendor is Book People! One of our local bookstores. You can support our kids and our community at the same time!

“Our students will be so excited to be able to enter the book fair and choose a book from the variety of titles from BookPeople. This would not be possible without the generosity of Geri’s Locker.”

April Stone

Librarian, Four Points Middle School

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