Thank You! $10,000 Raised!

Y’ALL DID IT!!!   Thank you to all our amazing supporters and contributors for helping us launch the Geri Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fund with $10,000!!!   Y’ALL ROCK!!!   We are SO excited to be able create LASTING changes in our systems and to support...

Thank You! Tier 2 Goal Achieved!

It’s Geri Stewart’s Birthday today! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And after a late night surge of donations last night, we reached our Tier 2 goal of $7,500!! Thank you all for your generous support! But just like Geri, we aren’t going to stop there! On to...
Geri Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fund

Geri Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fund

GERI STEWART MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND CREATING OPPORTUNITY   501(c)3 Certified Service Organization  Donate Geri Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fund Service and Education were the cornerstones of Geri’s life and what she stood for. In line with our mission...

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