School is in full swing now and a big THANK YOU to our Hero Team volunteers for supporting Project G.R.E.E.N of Beta Psi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.​ for Oak Springs Elementary​ in getting backpacks sorted and FILLED with school supplies and to our donors who supplied funds and school supplies!! Y’all are AMAZING!!

Participating with Geri’s Locker in this event was particularly personal and impactful for a some of our team members:

“This is a special project for me as a long time ago I was a recipient of backpacks for my daughter and know the feeling from a Mom’s perspective. There are too many feelings to put into words. We look forward to future events!!”

“I remember going to school in New Jersey as a kid and being a recipient of a backpack. It made a huge difference going to school knowing a backpack filled with supplies was waiting for me. I’m glad to be able to do the same for another kid!”

This is core to the mission of Geri’s Locker — giving folks the opportunity to GIVE BACK.

But we’re not done yet! Every registered student at Oak Springs Elementary started the school year with ALL the supplies they need to make the BEST of their time in the classroom and reach their academic promise thanks to Project G.R.E.E.N. and the AKA’s!

Geri’s Locker​ is currently gathering your additional donations of supplies and funds to stock the locker full of school supplies for new students who arrive throughout the year and replacement and replenshiment for students in need.

Thank you #heroTeam members:

Mel Magallanez​, Joey Work, Jan Daley​, Jaime Noyola, Lindsey Watson​, Monica, Alex and Skylah, Devon Schaffner, Vicky Horton, Mary-Kathryn Weaver, Linda Schaffner​, Tammy Ross Clark​, Danielle Martinelli Cantu​, Catharine Drake Madeley​, Traci Stewart Adams​, Melanie Marin, Katy Dooley Baxter​, Karen Tinsley, Shannon Lambremont​, Makenna and Annie Fojtik​, Dee Dee Velez Vitek​, Bekah Dumouchelle​, Lisa Owens​, Suzanne Vegas Yashewski​, Priscille and Rachel Richman, and Craig Foster​!

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