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Author: Hank Cavagnaro

After trying to figure out how they could help, the COVID Warriors ATX group has figured out printing mask extenders would be the best use of their talents.

“We’re not gonna stop. Even if it’s the smallest thing as providing relief to the pressure of their ears, we’re happy to do it.” ~Janan Miller

AUSTIN, Texas — Essential workers who are having to wear masks may know all too well the uncomfortable feeling of the elastic rubbing against your ears.

But some kids here in Austin are hoping they have a solution.

They may look like simple plastic and that’s because, at the end of the day, they are.

“We are producing several hundred a day at this point,” said Janan Miller, whose family is making them.

But it’s what this piece of plastic can do that makes it special. It allows the elastic straps of a mask to come off of the ears, making masks more comfortable when worn for a long period of time.

“It’s really a grass-roots effort, of people of all types.” ~Dionn Schaffner

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