This order was EXTRA special.

Following a social media post from a friend who mentioned her mother, a nurse, was having pain from wearing a mask all day, we reached out and said “We can help with that!”

Dionn: What hospital does your mom work at?
Her: Seton -Main
Dionn: Hey! My mom was a nurse at Seton – Main!
Her: What floor did she work on?
Dionn: Orthopedics – 6 south
Her: My mom says she remembers your Mom! She used to float to the 6th floor sometimes. I just sent her a pic of your mom and she’s sure she worked with her. ? “she was so dynamic and unforgettable. So smart.”

So, now we get to to send these Ear Guards out to some of Geri’s co-workers at Seton.

I can’t think of a better sign from the universe that this project was absolutely the right one to take on during this crisis.

We hear you Mom! ?


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