Mobile Loaves & Fishes

Geri’s Locker Partners with

Mobile Loaves & Fishes

for the

Egg Ministry!

Geri’s Locker will be a part of Egg Team 2 delivering eggs during week 2 of each month!

MLF has 2-3 trucks a day 7 days a week that go out into the community every day delivering food & other basic necessities to the homeless.

Vitamins and Minerals

Eggs are a valuable source of protein, 13 vitamins & minerals plus important antioxidants. Hard-boiled eggs can be safely stored refrigerated and safe to eat up to one week after they were cooked!

Thank you to Geri’s Locker Hero Team members serving this program:


Ivonne and Maritza Tomlinson

Kristina and Aynalem Rehling

Jenny and Emma Pierson


Check out all the fun they are having while giving back!

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